Will, Drive and Love

I find myself running an internal monologue almost daily.

Questioning my natural inclinations for something more, something deeper and with a weight of responsibility that makes the bearing worthwhile.

Where’d I go wrong, what can be rectified and harvested for a better belief and value system to aid my future self.

An almost methodical deduction of the sum that is my being.

The vehicles that get us to certain points in our allotted timelines are always in need of an oil change, if only for a redirection of minute proportions that may lead us out of the chaos that is our lives.

Unplugging the idealist within that has been pumped up and fluffed beyond measure. The talk of love in the modern day is no longer bonding or connection but transactional at best and death of the soul at worse.

We shame one another for things that are well beyond our control and most of the time, very natural and instinctual;
“She wants to be a housewife and mother, what an idiot” says the war-pig with 2 abortions, a 50+ notch count and a trumped up sense of moral superiority under the guise of empowerment.
“He wants to be a leader of men, he even thinks he’s a man” says the group of boys huddled around the corner table at the bar as they eye up everyone and making blanket statements without realizing they are the very thing that is ruining what they crave most: Connection, love and ambitions higher then a day job.

Women and men alike are suffering from the narratives choose to believe and in-turn the world suffers along with it.

You could naively say these are the words of a broken man, but you’d be as far from the truth as the tyrants of times immemorial.

The world chooses what it wants to tolerate and suffer, as do the individuals that have the option to not indulge in pity parties and aim for ambitious goals and ideals.

If anything can save us from our current trajectory, it’s an idealistic optimism that says “I can make the world better through my singular efforts, whether they be in vain or not need not matter as I know this as my truth and nothing will stop me”

The drive for something greater is unique to almost every human, we all sense that moreish yearning but choose to ignore it in place of base hedonism and materialism.

The love for humanity that enables one of great ambition to pursue the things that make the heart beat and the eye sparkle tenfold in comparison to anything else that could possibly be.

Whilst the current demise of unconditional love may plague the world, there’s always hope and sheer-will that leads us out of darkness. It only takes one person to find the light that can illuminate the herd out of our tumultuous times.

Will, drive and love are the secret ingredients that turn the world anew, leading to strong times created by the strongest of individuals that never gave up.

Giving up on the world is optional, quiting in the final second is forever.


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