Vulnerability is weak

Today’s society would have us believe two things: Men are bad, and men should be more open.

Yet with this openness that is promoted by the fem-centric narrative, we’re moving steadily down a dangerous path that concludes in a gender-less society (that’s the aim after-all)

The things that made Man To Woman relations so unique and endearing will be no longer viable as we lose our sense of identity and self-respect in a sea of new normality that seeks to bring us to a neutral playing field where femininity and masculinity hold no ground.

For a man to be emotionally open and vulnerable to the world is to admit defeat. It’s a lack of emotional control that stems from the feminine and is being spread by those channels to promote an anti-masculine rhetoric through myopia and misinformation.

The correct response is to suffer peacefully. No emotional tantrums, no wild bipolar fits, just a simple acknowledgement of your situation and the development of a course of action that will lead you out of the abyss.

A stoic acceptance of what is, what can be done and what cannot be changed.

Vulnerability is by extension an act of servitude, a dismissal of sovereignty in exchange for a pantomime of pity and external validation.

The self-respecting man, that is for himself understands that he is his own worst enemy and yielding to an emotional reaction is a meta physical loss of his personal stake in his world. Not the world, his world.

His world being the internal, the things only he knows and sees that affect his sub conscious behaviors and how he reacts to the external consciousness of life before his eyes.

We see these men go about their days, without any awareness or thought given to what they’re becoming in their world. They chase others, offering servitude disguised as good will and kindness that isn’t a contribution to society but a detriment.

Not because good will and kindness are inherently evil or bad, but because they come from a place that isn’t grounded or centered on a path that is for the self before all.

The good will of today’s performist men and women is done out of yearning. “If I do this, they’ll do that and I won’t have to change”

Vulnerability is promoting this exact behavior through societal servitude that has no higher cause than to promote a bland world without rough edges and character flaws that attract Man to Woman and vice versa.

The concept of a masculine mask and vulnerability are tied together by a thin thread that hopes to promote a more “open” egalitarian society yet moves us further away as we begin to open our eyes and see how our true nature is complementary.

Ying without Yang is a world devoid of color, beauty and aliveness.

But where’s the alternative? Men have feelings too.

Men need men, as women need women. To spill your woes and problems onto a women is to admit a loss of your grounded center that is a pillar of strength in society. It is to admit defeat before having truly lost any enduring battle.

Break yourself down within a band of brothers and renew yourself as whole so the world can see you for what you’re meant to be. A man of spirit, strength and control.

You need not anyone but yourself for the renewal of your personal sovereignty, you are the maker of your destiny through the actions you take, words you speak and thoughts you think.

Whilst the layers of complexity of the topic may seem daunting, to ennoble one self with an understanding of the self through analysis, action and reflection is to build a better human/s.

Lay down the paradigms that are taught and layered on, use your ability to think logically and rationally to see that what is current and modern is not the way forward.. unplug from modernity.

No overt showings, no loud mouth antics, just a stillness within that others can lean on in times of both quiet calm and chaotic need, knowing fully that you are capable of more, through the sense of self you cultivate silently in the days the seem hopeless, bleak and unending.

Win back your heart and mind, at all costs.


One Reply to “Vulnerability is weak”

  1. LOVE this. It reads like something I would’ve thought about. Well written. Thank’s for sharing your work!


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