Bad Decisions

Experience leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to lessons, lessons lead to avoidance and avoidance leads to correct action.

Yet we only gain this experience when we fuck up, make mistakes, hurt those around us and learn the way life is played.

Does this takeaway from your character? No, it adds to it. As a blacksmith remolds a broken sword in the furnace, so to are we renewed from the ashes of our experience, ushered into better men through the sweat of our brow.

Contrary to popular axioms, fearing failure is a good thing when placed into an action oriented environment where failure is going to be inevitable regardless. You set yourself a standard that is either held, or broken down under the trials that will rebuild you from those lessons.

Nothing worthwhile hasn’t been tested under the pressures of life. No life philosophy or ideology that anyone gives a fuck about has remained without the mother of all creation testing it for eons before and after you’re gone.

The winds of time have shaped and will shape every idea, creation and human without warning. Our true nature becomes apparent when life implodes and you’re left to hold your ground whilst everyone around you is drowning. Be the man that can run toward the problem with a possible solution, not the one that has to calculate the probability of every outcome before making a move.

All bad decisions, all good decisions, all decisions will forge you anew, whether you like the direction or not. Everything you do in this lifetime is a lesson, a test, a chance to play a game with god.

The bad choices you make will enlighten you toward the good choices that will be made in the near future and allow you to educate others so they don’t make the same mistakes.

Make choices with the cards you’ve been dealt and watch life unfold!


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