The Thumos of Youth

The following is a flow of consciousness in conversation with self.

Men in particular feel mentally defective without a present and ever closing danger or adversity that must be dealt with. When we lack this challenge, an overriding sense of melancholy can develop and manifest in the way we interact with the external world whilst simultaneously destroying the essence of internal values and belief systems that lead us to the present situation.

Without something to prove himself against, man is a vessel of power, strength and creativity that floats amidst a sea of self-flagellation. The time we valued vanishes and slowly erodes as we begin to question what the meaning of life is without the weight that responsibility and voluntary suffering bring to the bearer.

This is dangerous when manifested in youth and carried at length as the fruits that this unchallenged and neglected spirit bring forth are destruction and violence of thought with which results in violence of misguided action (see: rape, murder, crimes against humanity)

When channeled and controlled through the right measures, the youthful thumos is an energy that aids in the creation of new communities, families and social circles that empower the individuals from a group identity and tribal perspective.

This explains why men identify heavily with protecting, providing and presiding as it is written within our biology to procreate and bring about a new age for which we feel a deep responsibility for.

Cue the modern day attack on what is deemed masculine and feminine and we can understand why the modern man feels at a loss with the direction to taken and why the woman who believes in her femininity feels as though there are no good men left.

The structures of what made men.. men and women, women are being broken down further with each passing year as life becomes easier and easier thanks to the advent of modern technology and it’s rapid advancement of society.

Humans were made for adversity as a means to test and prove of worth to the tribe. Whilst individuality is beautiful, we need a return to the things that made life worth pursuing: Trials, tests, challenges, blood, sweat, tears, work and the rewards of which are sweeter when earnt, not given.


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