Our Long Drive Home

To be stripped bare is to re-initiate, reinvent and reveal to the world your complexities in their natural form without the bonds of modernity to filter them.

There’s a variety of occurrences that happen when you allow yourself to think in a critical fashion on “sensitive” topics that are deemed taboo or counter cultural to the mainstream narrative that you end up unplugging from.

A main theme consistently popping up is the idea of being extremely polarizing along with all parties attempting to interpret your subjectivity through an objective lens.

Not everything we write or say is meant for everyone. The main aim of Earnt Not Given is first and foremost to empower the individual to take back control of the narrative that they’ve been given, essentially flipping the script, giving the proverbial finger to the world and taking steps to enact changes that would allow them to leave a dent in the universe.

That’s a sick fucking goal, one that has no end point and can be taken throughout every epoch in life. (Kaizen)

Yet there’s an inherent problem with some of our messages getting lost in the ego/humility paradox that stems from the black/white mentality of the authors experience.

This is in no way a bad thing, it’s aided in filtering out those we don’t connect with nor understand the path we’re on. (Minus the speaking in third person, but it’s a consistent theme)

If I could lay out the whole message behind the brand in one sentence, it would be “Stand for something”

Having the ability to flop your metaphorical cock out on the table and say “here I am” without trepidation is unique in our modern society. We’ve lost the ability to be ourselves in place of pleasing others, avoiding critics and whatever isms they may attach to our name.

“To make a dent in the universe, become the center of it” seems douchey, almost to the point of narcissism yet it’s a consistent reminder of what actually matters in this life.. to do the most for the benefit of those around you by being rationally self invested and never straying from your path.

I’ve seen firsthand what happens when you give yourself to everything but yourself, you lose everything that you cherished because you were to afraid to stand up and say no, to follow your path and not stray, to be outcome independent when you truly needed to be, not when it was a feel good idea.

To be about something, is to be about yourself, for something, for someone, for the world at large.

To suffer for something greater then yourself is to find the deepest reach of meaning a man can grasp and hold onto for dear life, and by fucking god do we need it in the year 2019.

More than ever are we seeing suicide skyrocket, mental health spiral out of control and a general sense of bleakness cover the world in a cloud of darkness as more and more of our youth give up and stop caring because it’s the easy option.

The long drive home is one that needs to be taken with both hands at the wheel and eyes fixated on an internally generated narrative that provides hope for a better tomorrow.

How you get there? That’s up to you, my friend.

To find home in the people you surround yourself with, to uplift those with your character, to love those without condition. All of this is what makes our human experience, uniquely human in the best sense.

Let’s not lose that in place of it’s polar opposite that is currently spreading on a global scale.

“Never above you, never below you, always beside you”


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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