Conviction ad infinitum

To the men without spines, we salute you for your service in making the polarity and divide greater hence making it easier to attain an actualized existence for the man willing, able and ready to run towards the things he most desires with boldness in the face of trepidation. A myopia fueled by action upon action cascading into the rise of the new generation that are ushered into competence, confidence and capability that only a fool would deny himself.

The insufferability of modernity is coming to a grinding halt as we look back throughout the history books to find a sense of purpose, an aim greater than ourselves for the greater good of mankind.. to leave a fucking dent in the universe for those long after us to take full advantage of.

Using our intellectual curiosities and leveraging the insights through trial by fire until we’re left with the ashes that are blown yonder into the world for all to inhale.

The fruits of our laborious efforts being plentiful at the reaping as the sun sets and dusk settles around the camp fire of brothers bond by the contagious disease of risk taking, time and patience in the sowing of their individual seeds.

A steely gaze upon the conscious vision at the forefront of the warriors mind, a conviction in the task at hand and the synchronicity of mind, body and soul with each strike of the iron that is the self in an effort to forge more then just a man, but a good man, a transcendent man in full.

To swell our chests with pride, dying empty each night in complete serenity and acceptance of what fate may grant us in the morrow.

The rent of your existence is always due, paid in full, today, tomorrow, forever.


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