Always forward.

Move, and don’t stop.

The simplest and most effective method, is to move forward, turn your back on everything and understand that there is no going back. That door has already fucking shut, so stop whining and complaining about “da one” or whatever else you think of as the ultimate cruel fate that you’ve just been handed.

Yeah I get it, relationships, friendships, jobs etc etc form a sense of meaning, identity and purpose within your life, especially intimate ones. Losing that sense can be crushing and leave you with a hole, a personal void that only you can fill by pulling the trigger on everything you need to do to become better then you were yesterday, nothing more, nothing less.

“But, how do I pull the trigger?”
Get out of your head, get out of your current environment. Just do one thing, it can be anything, and then continue doing things within the spur of momentum that you generate from that simple step.

Waterboard yourself in experience, memories and feelings. That’s the beauty of the human condition.. you can either wallow in your own hole of self-pity or you can hustle and make your life so fucking epic that everyone wants to be involved.

You are the CEO of your fucking life, you can make the executive decision to shift your thoughts and actions into the direction you need to achieve the outcome you desire.

Now it’s not as simple as reading a mantra and thinking “omg I’m gonna go do epic shit” It’s consistency in the small things, the daily tasks that compound over the course of your life. It’s putting 1/10th of your pay aside for investments, it’s going to the gym and searching for pain points and staying there, it’s the mundane and boring day-to-day that your average “influencer” doesn’t wanna partake in yet is broke as dog shit with 100k followers and her ass plastered on the internet (see: insta-slag, thot, empowered dickhead etc etc)

Let the ashes of your past experience forge a new paradigm to operate under and fucking compose yourself in the face of your anxieties and fears because you can and will bend them over with a simple fucking look if you just put the hours in.

No well-wishing, no begging, no crying, no fucking complaining, just work and the idea that our meaning in life can come from the way we conduct ourselves in everything we do. Remember, you might hate it and be angry about everything that has happened but that doesn’t give you permission to be a miserable sack of shit.

Aim into the fucking stratosphere and become the person that those who love you can depend upon in times of doubt, trepidation and suffering. Don’t worry about others and their goals, the validation for doing what you do isn’t needed because you know whole-heartedly that what your doing is of benefit first for yourself and secondly for the people that you choose to support and get behind; People of value and people you love dearly just because of who they are.

Work like fucking hell, work like your life depends on it because it fucking does. No man worth his weight should rely on others, he is the pillar of strength that uplifts those around him and gives them some form of hope that tomorrow can always be more, if they’re willing to be more.

Don’t fall into cynicism, pessimism or nihilistic thought as it’s the easy way out. Don’t bemoan your fate, change it, work for it, bleed for it because that’s the only way to get anywhere.

Apply the theory and ideas, gain experience through trial and error, allow time to grant you the fruits of your labor, understand that you will suffer and so you should, nothing in life worth having was free or easy.

Be of value, give some of yourself to the world for free, but never disclose the full available amount to anyone.

The simple things that require the most effort are the things you need to do.. better yet you should want to do them because they’ll lead you to the end product that you have been yearning for. Talk to the girl, start the business, break the PR, eat the whole food, save the dollars and cultivate a life worth telling your fucking grandchildren about.

No man, time, place or direction will slow me.  No creed, zealot or ideologue will shut me out.

I am king.


One Reply to “Always forward.”

  1. Great!!You’re always so motivating!! Also, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award..check out my post😊


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