What defines the success of a man? is it his financial statement, his car, the number of women he was in rotation? What about the measuring of experience and feeling deeply into the planes of which many will never reach.

We come to power, sex and money through calmness, confidence, capability and competence. They are the by-product of success metrics, not the other way round.

We do this through actualizing to our full potential, not begging and pleasing for sexual pleasure from those we will never be able to fully care about.

Separation from the world into ones own company and mind is a must, a given for the new age man to truly thrive for himself, and then for those around him.

The ability to sob deeply and feel the wounds left by experience is uniquely male, compared to the emotionally charged tears of that which we deem sad or unpleasant.

We all lose people we love, sometimes for a lifetime, sometimes for half an hour. It’s how we act with composure in that moment that allows the transcendence of grief and gain an understanding that no experience is ever inherently bad if we can learn from it.

Love, love isn’t an emotion or a bio-chemical reaction within our bodies. It’s a conscious choice to give without need and leave everyone you encounter better then you found them.

Too fear nothing or no man and too fear everything is paradoxically weak. Fear is a driving factor in choice and action.

Never take advice from those with deep pockets and little history of risk taking.

Having skin in the game is the sole determining indicator of all knowledge and history that is worth learning from and applying to life (see; stoicism, taoism, minimalism, existentialism)

All modern self-help is designed to make you feel like your progressing when you’re actually just indulging in feel good jargon.

An air of indifference to all outcomes makes life easier, and less grim.

Your death won’t matter, your legacy won’t last, but the experience you leave behind may push the world into the direction you seek.

Things to avoid; feminists, single parents, corporate accountants, weak men.

Things to do; feel, experience, explore.

Risk taking is the only metric that holds your character into the mirror.

Conviction and action are the way of men.

Suffer in silence and allow yourself to become whole.

Complaining never changed the world, better done then said.

There are people who come into your life for a short amount of time, change everything you knew and then leave. That’s the shortness of life in its beauty and totality.

With age, comes consciousness. With consciousness comes awareness. With awareness comes outcome independence.

Judging a person on their political leaning is the sign that you’ve never truly experienced victim-hood and just want special attention.

Stand for something, even if it means losing everything.


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