The Information Trap

“Information is the fuel, not the vehicle” – Paul Waggener

If you’re on the path, you may know these next few truisms and identify with them.

Overthinking and getting caught in an information overload is incredibly prevalent within the circles that I run with, it may be the same for you and your tribe too.

Another podcast, another YouTube video, another book, another course.
For what? More mere mental masturbatory action, the life of an armchair theorist that has nothing but words to stake his claim too.

You see, trial and error has produced more than sitting back and waiting, wondering and pondering if it’s your turn to act, do and prove.

No one cares if you’re red pilled, MGTOW, or whatever other “truth” you want to align with. Show us your fucking mean by proving it through force of action, force of violence and force of sheer will.

Just because you adhere to a certain group-think doesn’t eliminate you from the experience required before you open your forlorn mouth and flummox your readership with empty troupes and a false sense of spiritual depth.

The era of the entrepreneur that we live in has ceaselessly created more and more mouthpieces that want to make you feel good with mantras and visualization and yet completely avoid the path of responsibility, work ethic and mastery since it’s too hard and you can do it all if you just read one more post, watch one more motivational video and buy one more affiliate marketing course from your “Savior” of choice .

Trial by fire (error) is the most proven way of engaging in a transformative experience. The references points dotted along the way will garner and bring to fruition much more self-esteem, self-confidence and character than any 200 page feel good book will ever do.
(You’ll also have an easier time getting what you want with an acquired skill set, rather than a pseudo one)

I’ve learnt this the hard way and am still learning this lesson on a daily basis as I remove myself from the grips of content consumption and into the realm of creation via written word and experience.

Action is the cure.


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