Superior Seven

Squats, Bench, Dead-lifts, Press, Rows, Pull-ups and Dips.

The staples of any good training program (good being subjective to the individuals bio-mechanics)

The brutal basics WILL build you the way you’re intended to be built. No amount of fluff and pump is going to change certain proportions. The only variables that need to be manipulated are volume/frequency/intensity, all of which can be modulated up and down depending on the needs of the trainee i.e. weaknesses that can be addressed with variations of each movement.

Whilst I believe in facts and scientific validation, a return to the sheer barbaric nature of training is a must if the results yearned for by the many are to be achieved. No scientific theories or training modalities can replace the simple equation of “Train like a lion, eat like a bull and sleep like a bear”

The trifecta of training, nutrition and recovery combined with the basics of strength training along with a caloric surplus and progressive overload are the must have of any well regimented program that challenges the individual to work for they’re keep rather than allow for the guise of physical effort that most seem to think is enough.

Train to be dangerous, or don’t fucking bother. Strength culture isn’t a fashion show of moral universalism (humanism) dressed up in tights and the latest gym apparel.

It’s time-honored and earnt, not given.


4 Replies to “Superior Seven”

    1. A simple Upper/Lower Split – Upper Horizontal being bench and rows, Upper Vertical being pressing and weighted pull-ups. Throw Dips in on both days and some extra bro-fluff work like curls and lateral raises if needed. Lower body days would be split into deadlifts and squats with variations of both and some fluff work like leg curls and extensions.

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      1. 4 days, anything above 5 is a straight indication that someone isn’t training hard enough. 4 days heavy weight training, 5th day conditioning


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