The Simplest Morning Routine.

Stretch, Hydrate, Cold Shower, GO.

But but, that’s not a complicated 10 step routine that no one who isn’t self-made has the time for? Exactly!

Let’s face it, the majority of us have full-time jobs, maybe a side business that we’re trying to grow and we need to be Effective & Efficient with our time.

So we can all forget about the 10 minute visualization (that doesn’t work) followed by the 20 minute meditation and then 30 minutes of reading after a series of mantra reciting into a mirror.

For the hard-worker, it’s about practicality and effectiveness over everything. The best bang for your buck possible in terms of setting your state (mental) and starting your day with a form of self-discipline that can be carried out through the day.

Look, the majority of your goals that you’re setting out to achieve have the bare minimum to do with your morning routine. Fact.

If you’re anything like us, you fell into the whole of believing anyone who offered a way to improve your circumstances, mental state, outlook & perspective.

The unpopular reality is that most of the things you want come from the work you put in over a given period of time.

We like to view ourselves as the anti-improvement pill. Not because we want you to not aim high and change your life but because the amount of bullshit that needs disseminating is constantly multiplying with each new “entrepreneur” that wants to cash in their morals and integrity for a dollar amount by making you buy into their new technique on how to make money (in the short-term*eye-roll*)

With the housekeeping out-of-the-way, let’s break this bitch down.


You’ve been in bed all night, your basically a useless sack-of-shit until you get moving and start waking your body up. The simplest way to get blood flow throughout the body is to stretch for 2-5 minutes. Nothing fancy here, just google a couple of good stretching and mobility routines and get going. I recommend Agile 8 by Joe DeFranco.
It’s fast, effective and time efficient. Exactly what we’re looking for.


Our bodies are made up of 70% water, we lose quite a lot of that water throughout the night due to sweating and mouth-breathing plus the myriad of other factors that come into play from the simple act of being a healthy muthafucka and drinking your goddamn water!
Simply set aside a 1 liter cup of water in the desired spot around your home each night before bed each night, this allows the water to hit room temperature over night and makes it easy to chug of a morning.
Again, the aim here is efficiency with our time!

Cold Showers:

Time to wake the fuck up from your morning slumber and make yourself a bit uncomfortable! There’s nothing better than the rush of ice-cold water pouring over your body to kick-start your mental state and get you into the awakened state you require to do the work set out before you.
We’ve been taking cold showers for near 2 years, both morning and night.
The clarity gained for seeking this slight bit of discomfort first thing in the morning cannot be understated.
It will change your fucking outlook and make you feel like a man. This can be paired with deep breathing as a sort of meditative practice to ground yourself before the day ahead.

We recommend that being a fucking pussy and turning the tap all the way cold on your first go, not because we dismiss the idea of incremental steps but because it’s such a simple task with profound benefits that it’d be an outright disservice to the power that the cold can grants.

Now these don’t have to be done in a logical order, nor do you have to do all of them, heck you can even add extras to this routine and I would encourage everyone to experiment with it and figure out what works best for you, the individual on their own path.

Simplicity and effectiveness in all things is the aim!



Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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