Effective & Efficient

Systems and Routines, Schedules and Plans.

They all come under the same scrutiny.. are they effective and efficient?

Let’s disseminate this further; Planning leads to further control which equates to greater freedom in multiple aspects such as financial, career, side business, health & fitness, personal development.

Take any one of these categories and you can apply the same theorems that will save you time, increase productivity and enhance the outcomes of each.

There’s also environmental factors that come into play too. Where do you hang your keys? Are your clothes pre-selected of a morning? Do you know the amount of calories you need per day to gain muscle? There’s some many little tricks that can be applied to make your life streamlined and efficient.

Now, I hear the crowds screaming from the gulags already “That’s robotic” “Why would you live your life-like that?” Blah blah.

Discipline and consistency over long duration’s lead to results, and results is what we should all be aiming for, nothing subjective, nothing with ambiguity but the stuff that can be measured, tweaked and maintained for the length of life that each of us is given.

All this time effectiveness stacks and compounds, meaning what exactly? You’ll have more free time and freedom to pursue other things, improve on whatever you like and do the things you need to do without the added stress of perceptive time fatigue and procrastination.

Have a plan, tick those boxes and win at the game of life, plan to fail and you’ll always come in front, no matter the outcome.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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