Introspection and personal study are two things I hold dear.

I can’t stand anything that isn’t aligned with the truth, not matter who gets hurt because of it.

I have a love for data, objectives and goal setting to the point of obsession.

Shifting my focus away from action and into purely indulgent behavior hinders my personal progress in all areas that I deem worthy of my time.

I value effectiveness and time efficiency over sloppy perfectionism and redundant rules.

I do what it takes to get the job done in a manner that beats all others.

The moment I feel I’m superior to you, there’s no point in trying to convince me otherwise.

Action & effectiveness are the catalysts to pushing the envelope for getting things done.

Small talks bores me and I naturally don’t enjoy ideal chatter that doesn’t work with my goals, I’d rather question the world and discover new facts that I can disseminate and rework into my own ways of doing things.

Virtue, morals and character matter.

Doing something based on principle is better than doing something based on sheer indulgent hedonism.

I only care about those I deem worthy of my time.

I show my love through my actions.

Knowledge and aptitude to a multitude of topics come easily to me.

If I don’t understand something, I’ll go out of my way to understand every singular part of it and then become an expert on it, if it is of interest.

Challenges ignite my competitive spark and I’ll do everything in my power to win in a fair and dignified manner.

Taking things and systems apart, in both illogical and logical order is fun.

I’m always seeking the unknown, something more, something extra effective

I’m authentic to a fault which leads to moments of indulgent negative emotional self-pity parties.

I unintentionally death stare when looking at people and engaging in conversation.

Learned extroversion and the ability to articulate complex thoughts makes my life easier.

Reading body language is an essential part of how I communicate with others.

Calm, competent and confident within our given hierarchies is where I thrive.

Our sense of self is above and beyond what others can comprehend.

The aura surrounding us is that of pure self-confidence.

I am the INTJ-A


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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