Legends always die.

“I have no illusions that I won’t last 5 minutes” – Neil Gorsuch

Legacy this, legacy that.

The tropes of wanna-be entrepreneurship are dying hard and fast. “Value, Legacy, Hustle, Authenticity”

They all seem so cliché and boring at this current point with the advent of social media and content being pushed so heavily (even if it’s garbage)

The underlying factor behind this massive trend falls under the assumption of those at the reins that people are going to care about them 5 minutes after they’re gone.

Yes, we remember the seminal works of the Stoics that have been passed down the ages, not because they pushed “content” but because they provided a direction for life and a guideline of how to act in the world whilst aiming at a greater good.

The continuous goal should thus forward be to be a good homo-sapiens. Moving the world away from the tyrannical nature that currently grips in the “age of confusion” through the abilities and facilities that we all possess; Mind & Body.

The mark of a dignified life is that of calm, composed competence within the chosen areas that one orients him/herself, be it family, career, rhetoric, wisdom, physical ability or pursuit of experience (All things in and of themselves being an experience)

Yet we have irrelevant individuals pumping up their chests and aiming at legacies that have no relevance to 99% of the human race. Wouldn’t it be best to aim at being remembered for that short period after your demise as someone who was their for others, firm and fearless in the face of adversity not for themselves, but for the orientation of humanity against the reckless malevolence inflicted by those who claim they want the best for everyone in public yet in the private of their mind, yearn to watch the burning of bridges, villages and the children that inhabit them.

The delusions of grandeur must end and life must be experienced rather then planned in accordance with a “legacy” for the sake of some future paced opulence that has no guarantee.

You won’t be remembered for longer than 5 minutes, remember that.



Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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