Break yourself, before you try to break the world.

That sounds very masochistic on first read yet it’s the truth of personal improvement.

We all like to be idealistic, thinking and believing that we’re good as we currently are, until tragedy strikes and everything in your life is thrown into turmoil.

Your view of the world is fragmented and cracked. It’s skewed across the road like that of a human being being hit by a truck going 100 kilometers an hour, completely fucking shattered..

But there’s a silver-lining within mental atrophy and fragmentation, the things you’ve been in denial about surface. Your shadow comes out to play, you are a mixture of good & evil, benevolent and malevolent trying to compartmentalize the things you don’t want to deal with. It’s uncomfortable and terrifying, but that’s beautiful.

You can now refuse the fractures and allow them to heal and become stronger, to sound like a cliche motivational speaker.

The things you avoided come to light and you have the option of denying them or picking them up, staring down the individual rabbit holes and following them until you come to a conclusion that will lift the attachment, the pain and the fear linked with those parts of you.

We’re all benevolent & malevolent. We’re all the knight on the hill and monster in the shadows. Yet, we view this as frivolous and unimportant which leads to passivity and a lack of sheer-will and assertiveness.

I guarantee you’d much rather work and be friends with a friendly psychopath that understands themselves and is aware of their psychology then someone who wants to believe that if they’re just a good little boy or girl because they don’t poke the bear.
Not because psychopaths are our ideal to have in our circle, but because they’re fragmented and still get everything they need to do done within a given day.

We’re all fragmented, we’re all fucked up, we all have disturbing thoughts and weird fantasies that would scare the living shit out of most people… and we are most people.

Learning to accept these notions as facts and be perfectly okay with it is the first stepping stone to aiming upward and pushing the world towards a better tomorrow.

If everyone just rolled their eyes and ignored the weak willed, snickering, sniveling pawn that feels the need attempt to disavow someone they don’t know…
The world wouldn’t get anywhere.


One Reply to “Fragmentation.”

  1. Nothing has ever motivated me to reach out for better life than my broken heart. I agree with everything you’ve wrote. This is beautiful.

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