Man’s Best-friend

Every young man should experience the beauty of being in the company of a dog.

I avoid the term owning as we don’t own our friends, we co-exist with them. So why should it be any different with our four-legged buddies?

Our current generation has a void of responsibility and meaning, resulting in a lackluster amount of men and women who understand the richness of life created through self-ownership and voluntary discomfort.

Personal accountability can be instilled at a tender age with the introduction of a dog to the life of a boy. It forces routine as the need to care for the puppy becomes apparent, getting up with him/her in the middle of the night whilst they’re still gaining control of their bladder muscles. The early morning walks and breakfast/dinner required for the dog to be fit and healthy over the duration of its life.

This is oversimplified, but the sheer quality of fulfillment attained by the simple addition of a dog can not be overstated.

In a world that seeks happiness and woo-woo at every corner but fails to see the beauty right in front of them through the ability to withstand life and gain a richness of the soul (that is only rivaled by 100% dark cocoa chocolate) simply through the act of being responsible for more than themselves.

The pursuit of happiness is the only entitlement you have right too, happiness is expedient when searched for in the realms of vapid hedonism. Why not find it in that of another furry friend for the journey that is this shortness of existence in our vast cosmos?


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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