Go Slow

We all hear about the fast lane, the quick routes and the hidden supposed shortcuts, but not the end result of them. The crashing and burning, the neurotic breakdowns, the ego driven save-face.

It all comes with a price, a price of the soul. We all want the fast way because of this impending anxiety that lurks in our unconscious, that anxiety of our mortality.

But what about the journey? What about the small tangible achievements along the path of mastery in all fields? Why have an end goal in mind? It won’t make you happy.

Continual improvement, over a given time span and then repeat until the end of our lives seems boring, but it’s the one way to guarantee results.

Knowing you did one small thing today for yourself or others that will get you where you want to go and further, is far more satisfying than a high-speed chase for riches of which will lead to expenses and liabilities, so you wouldn’t really have gotten far anyway.

This is why I truly believe in the stoic notion “amor fati” and the art of kaizen. Applying both to a daily practice that has resulted in my life improving drastically over the span of 4 years.

“4 years?! Fuck it took you 4 years to achieve such a minimal amount of success blah I want to be rich and famous now”

The difference is in the mentality towards wealth and personal finance. I don’t give a fuck about the latest material possessions so my expenses remain low even as my income and assets compound.

To hit home even further, in the 6 months that I was unemployed I still managed to put away $10-20 dollars a week for emergencies whilst only earning $1080 a month at the time.

Putting that into perspective, I’m now earning quadruple that amount per month and my expenses are only slightly higher which gives me more leverage to purchase assests and generate further cash flow

Tangible success is the greatest form of success because it can be tracked over years and decades, trends from the data gathered are formed and you can continue to get better as time goes onward.

Further examples of this are power-lifting and BJJ in the athletics realm. Rather than focusing on getting a belt or growing your pectorals. The focus should be on slow and incremental tangible such as weight moved and techniques learnt/mastered.

This ensures that we don’t get caught up in the pointless details such as our pectoral fibers contracting hard enough. Put 100kg on your bench over two years whilst eating in a slight caloric surplus and you’ll be guaranteed a bigger chest and stronger tendons/ligaments.

The base of what I’m elaborating on is the idea of going slow, being methodical and enjoying it. Nothing is ever guaranteed but we can build our character through the sheer tenacity that we show towards the things that light the intrinsic camp fires of our souls alight.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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