The Craftsman

Nothing is beneath you, nothing is above you, everything is for you.

We get it, you’re a hot-shot. You think you’re good because you got a bit of praise whilst the others around you didn’t. You’re ego is still running your life and you think that the basic jobs, the day-to-day tasks are beneath you.

You’re wrong, the process is never beneath you. The process keeps you grounded in the present. The process is the little incremental steps you have to take to get to your intended destination in life. You’re not above that are you?

Doing your job. It sounds so simple, yet in the ADD culture that surrounds western society, we like to believe that there are shortcuts and therefore create complex nationalities to avoid doing our jobs, doing the work that’s required of us because for some innate reason, we think we shouldn’t have to work hard.

What if you changed your perspective? What if you came to the realization that everything you do has your name attached to it? Wouldn’t that mean more than anything?

That’s your name, your families name, your reputation and your ability to do the work put on the line all because you can’t be fucked or someone else can do it.

Fuck that.

You’re not above the process.

Imagine for a moment, you’re a woodworker, making the finest bookshelves in your land. Everyone knows you by name and trade “Oh that’s John, he’s the embodiment of craftsmanship” “John makes beautiful furniture out of wood”

Doesn’t that get your chest pumping? Having your reputation held in such high regard because you decided to stop being a fucking pussy and started doing the basic, fundamental things required of you, knowing that you put in a solid days work without taking shortcuts.

No ego attachments, no maddening dreams of a future that you have no control over.

Just the finest craftsmanship that you can muster for your own personal craft. Doing the work and never whining about things outside of your immediate control.

Look at those before you, they had it harder, with less control and more trepidation towards the unknown that could actually kill them. Yet they went out and did the hard stuff, because it was part of their personal process and the process required of them.

Do your job, do it right

You are your word.


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