Personal Blinders

“We see only as far as ourselves allow us too” said the old man to the young farm boy as they walked side by side along the river beds of the outskirts.

“We’re all blind in some capacity to the things with which we think are under control, be that emotion or reaction”

That’s the one of the many problems plaguing our world today, being blind to the things we need to see in order to move forward. Most of you will go through your life without ever really noticing this as you’re surrounded by an echo chamber of others who merely agree with you but never actually listen or critique the words you say and the thoughts you articulate to the world around you.

“But sir, how can I see these blind spots if they’re not visible?” asked the young boy to the man as they continued to walk upward along the narrowing river bed

“Well young man, you start by suffering”
The young man was taken back by this remark, thinking to himself “suffering? How is that going to help me discover my weaknesses and grow”

I’m referring to the art of transformation through experience, through the tidal wave of events and situations that life throws toward all of us on any given day.

“Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself about how silly of an old man I am” the man said to the boy “but let me take you further down the rabbit hole we have only just glanced into”

The thing about suffering and problems that can change ones perspective is that they are so unexpected that we’re forced to undertake a shift in consciousness on a mental plain that is rarely ever accessed. This shows us the situation for what it really is, what can be done about it and potentially how we can handle it in the future.

The young man, now drawn into the gaze of his elder counterpart sits by him on a rock and listens intently as the old man decides to speak in terms that the rest of the villagers dare not utter.

“Now young boy, you gain wisdom through experience and time, time is the essence of all growth and experience is the pot to which you pour that time to make what is called personal growth”

The young boy, now entranced by the words of this wise old sage ushers him to continue.

“All the moments of your life can be used as one of two things, either growth or denial. Denial will lead you down a path of ease and weakness where you will be unable to bear the truth of life and the experiences you have. Growth on the other will enable you to come out of anything with a new view of yourself, the people around you and the world itself. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, so look for the good in every moment and the lessons you’ll be granted shall grant you a life worth writing about”

The wise old man got up, the boy still transfixed on him and slowly started walking back the way he came.

“Wait, where are you going?” Shouted the boy, “I want to know more about the world and experience”

“Go and live then child, live so you can tell your children about your adventures, triumphs and tragedies, then you’ll know about the world”


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