5 Minute Friday – Ren Watson

5 minute read, probably less, definitely less.

The idea behind this little series is to interview humans that I’ve gained some new or profound insights from in passing or in friendship.

The conduct of these interviews is more simple conversation which can be answered as deeply or vaguely as the interviewee likes.

Without further ado, Ren Watson – Also my business partner in multiple ventures and all round good dude/friend.

1. What does your life look like 5 years from this very day today?
I’ll have just turned 30. It’s the year 2023, so there’s probably just a few of us left, we’re all following Will Smith on the search for food + shelter..
..Honestly, I’d love to know.
Hopefully alive and kicking, still grinding away and working hard.
5 years worth of learning, growing, improving and refining.
A lot can happen in 5 years, so I’ll try my best to make the most of it.

2. What was the single most transformative experience you’ve had thus far in your life?

I remember a turning point 4 years ago, around age 21. It was your stereotypical rock bottom: 

Broke up with “the love of my life” after 3 years, Broke our lease (living next to a house full of junkies unexpectedly), had to drop out of Uni, resigned from my job (2.5hr travel time each way), missed out on the new dream job, couldn’t afford to move my furniture, sold it off for bus + plane tickets.

I had a bag of clothes, a phone with no credit/plan and pair of headphones.

And I remember sitting on this Greyhound bus for about 8 hours driving up to Canberra, not sure where I’m going, absolutely broken. Everything’s gone, its ground zero, no job, no partner, no uni, no money, no family contact, and I’ve got 8 hours alone + the near future to think about it all.

I still remember that bus trip and that rock bottom feeling. And a few days later that turning point from “F*ck this, I give up. I’m done” changing to “I’m starting from scratch.”  Mistakes learned. Time to get motivated and kick goals.

4 years later I’m grateful for that experience and change.

3. Habits, hobbies, aims?

Staying up late: I split my days depending on the job/hobby/what has to be done. I’ll start the day around 9:30/10am, take a break around 8pm, then switch off around 3-4am, averaging 6-7 hours sleep.
Cheap Cars/No Credit Cards:  I’ll try and stick by this, 8 years strong. No regrets so far.
Notes: Writing daily notes/ideas in my phone throughout the day

Comedy: Anything and everything. Standup, Slapstick, Tv shows/Film/Animation

Film: Love finding a gem that can lock you in for 2 hours and tell a great story.

Music: Interesting, powerful stuff.

Design: Redesigning/Fixing/Problem Solving, Photography, Renovations

4. Value or time, which one do you more freely give and why?

They go hand in hand, in a way. I’ve started to value my time a lot more at the moment. Which gives the interactions and connections more value as well. Helping people can be a priceless feeling. Some people are grateful for your time, some don’t deserve it. I think value and time are 2 important things often overlooked and underrated.   

5. Leave a question for the next interviewee that you’d like answered.

Q: What is something new that interests you that you’d like to try/take up?


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