Wisdom and time.

Remember certain things you’ve heard, but only on surface level. Not with any deep level of understanding or perception of the content & context?

Rather than just dismissing the statement, consider that you may not be ready for it. Maybe you’re still in the ashes of the fireplace, smoldering away as you wait to be cleared so a new flame can start burning.

The essence left behind in this statement can be divided into time & experience or as an equation; Time multiplied by experience equals wisdom.

This is the most rational way of understanding wisdom and deep knowledge. Let’s face it, a 5-year-old isn’t going to have nearly as much experience as a 50-year-old man that’s seen the suffering and terror that can unfold in life.

Experience is a necessity in the growth spectrum. You can be an armchair theoretician and ponder the world but that doesn’t lead to insights created from pure action and conscious thought.

To further expose this notion in simple terms, if seeing your friend crushed by a car doesn’t light a fire under your ass with an internal sense of urgency to live life on your own terms, you’re probably not ready to understand the full totality of what you have in front of you.

Experience in itself is and can be transformative on both a conscious and subconscious level. Whether this be through simple habits or life altering events, the things we go through lead to the person we areĀ at the very moment. Exactly where you should be based on the ebb & flow of your individual existence among the billions of other souls on our plane.

A lot of people live in despair and worry at the idea of their impending old age, trying to avoid it, even going as far as trying to extend the life/death cycle (trans-humanism)

But isn’t the beauty of experience found in the time tested wisdom that can be passed down the ages. Grandpa theory states that wisdom from your elders has survived the Lindy effect and is essentially more valuable than any of the new age noise that is mostly transient musings from the inexperienced and uninformed.

That is another aspect of earning your life, you gain experience and wisdom beyond comprehension for most to grasp. That’s not egoistic, that’s the profound, raw truth of our minuscule existence within the vast cosmos.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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