King of the realm

“Who are you, to proclaim godliness?”

You are not your job, hobbies, family, sexual orientation or anything that you attach your identity too. You simply are.

But what does that mean, if nothing you do is actually you. It means you have the reigns to be whoever you want to be, do the things you want to do and forge an identity based on those facts, not on the arbitrary notions of the dogmatic masses.

You, proclaim the rights to the throne of your own kingdom through the self awareness and emotional control garnered throughout the experiences you have in this life.

This involves two key ingredients. Letting go and vulnerability. There’s nothing confident about hiding the truth of who you are from the world. That leads to in-congruence of identity. This in-congruent state lacks authenticity, which unconsciously gives off an air of shadiness towards other people that you interact with.

The moment you let go of your identity or ego state and learn to become aware of the mind as it seemingly goes about the day in an unconscious fashion, is the moment that ownership in it’s purest form takes hold.

I’m not claiming that anything spoken of here will happen over night. I’ve been constantly pushing for something more in the unknown for the last 4 years, and I’m only just scratching the surface of who I am in this world.

We’re taught to identify unconsciously with the things we do and the people we aspire to be, but what happens when you wrap your entire identity up in your ego state? Your metrics and values that you conduct your life around change to suit, and not in the healthiest of ways.

This can have a negative affect on the things you’re passionate about and turn the work you loved doing into a burnout experience every-time. This occurs because of a heavy identification with the self that is created unconsciously by identifying with the things you do rather than the person you are.

So the notion of “king of the realm” is a state of being that is the essence of emotional control and a conscious awareness of how your mind operates. Following this path leads to forging a journey most men and women will never have the opportunity to experience in this beautiful world.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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