Continual Improvement

How do you get better at anything? Do more of it, do it every day, make time for it and make it a priority and learn everything you can about it.

“It” being anything that you find engages you in a way that induces a state of flow or intrigue that can’t be quenched by the mere passive observation of “it”

Let’s take strength training for example:
You start out feeling inadequate about some part of your body, you research and learn about the basics. You probably feel like you’re not X,Y,Z enough to join a gym so you start training at home. You improve your push-up and pull up endurance, you can now get 100 sit ups and make even some squats. Now what?

It’s about 2 months down the track and you finally decide to join a gym after all that time training at home and researching all you could rather than just pulling the trigger.

You get your membership, buy a new gym bag, wrist wraps and other bullshit you don’t really need at this point in your training career. Now you’re finally ready!

You go late at night as to get a feel for the equipment, machines and general layout of the place. Your first night has you benching or training chest. You lay down on the bench press and try to emulate those form videos you watched on YouTube. It clicks that this will take some time to ingrain the proper technique in your subconscious. You load the bare with something that feels kinda heavy to you. You lower the weight pretty quickly on the concentric phase of the lift and struggle like a motherfucker to push it back up on the eccentric. It’s your first brush with how hard training can be.

6 months fly by, you’re in the gym 6 days a week now, eating everything you can and moving heavier and heavier loads with somewhat good technique. You’ve injured yourself slightly due to your ego wanting you to lift more than you could but that’s okay.
You’ve gained 5kg of lean muscle tissue and now fill out that shirt you got when you were 14 from grandma. You also train earlier in the day with people around as you’ve gained confidence both in and out of the gym as a result of training for strength and size.

2 years down the track, you’ve gained a total of 15kg on your frame, your strong as a bull and walk tall with your head held high. You’ve started a new career, got a wonderful girlfriend, taken up other hobbies and made a tight knit circle of friends that have your back. Training is still a huge part of your life, you probably know more than the average PT or strength coach as training consumed your existence for a time.

Training has also paid it’s due in other areas of your life as you’ve seen first hand the cause and effect theory take place within the realm of your physique. You’ve adopted a mentality that is lost on many and have taken up other areas to now study and pursue.

Training is the one constant that keeps you grounded and allows you to see first hand the merit of hard work and grit.

Looking back on yourself 2 years ago, you see how things could have gone and are grateful for the path you took, knowing it’ll be something that’s a life long process.

That’s the beauty of self-improvement, kaizen, monk-mode or whatever title you want to throw at it. It’s gradual and slow with no end in sight, just a constant pursuit to improve some area of your existence, one way or another.

So when you’re having a rough day, remember that it’s all part of the journey with no end, the path with no treasures and the mountain climb with no peaks. Enjoy it, embrace it and don’t ever fucking stop. Ever.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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