Endure your life

It’s hard.
It’s not pretty.
It’s not fun.
It can break you.
It probably will.

Good, that’s what we want.

We want you to break, so you when the pressure is applied, your character shines through.

We want it to be hard, so you develop the mental fortitude and resilience to be there for those who need you the most.

We want it to be dirty, so you understand the depths and lengths required of you.

And what’s required off you?
Not much, not much at all.
Yet the bar is set so low in society that it’s considered the hard path, the undesirable path, the path that only the insane and mentally unstable take.
But it’s the correct path, the path that cuts through all the bullshit, all the mediocre and trivial.

That path is the work, the effort and the sweat of brow, pounding of heart and stillness of mind that will lead you to the promised land you desire, the gates of Elysian open only to those who stumble and fall on the jagged rocky road, swim through the murky waters and cut through the thrones of the mind, body and soul to arrive battered and worn.

Those are the makings of character, of you, of those that you choose to come along the path with you.

If you can’t even handle the fundamentals that are the base of everything, what thinks you deserve to the handle the nuanced, the special or the privileged metrics that those who have worked like obsessed mad men get to play with?

Nothing worth having is expedient but always earnt, never given.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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