Tangible Success

Self-help is for losers, plain and simple.

It’s the feel good, let me enlighten you with my morning routine and affirmation chanting that pulls people in. It’s the easy way. “oh, if I just get up earlier, wank myself into a self-imposed, egotistic coma and scream in the mirror, I’ll be successful”

Well no, it doesn’t work like that at all. You can’t track “feeling good” or “positive thoughts”
They’re fleeting and hold no real value in the world.

Self-improvement on the other hand, that’s where your time and effort should be put.
That could be going to the gym, waking up earlier to work on your side project, reading and developing a habit of personal study so you can leave that job you hate.

All those things above are traceable, definable and tangible. You can see the results first hand (cause and effect) and they’re more than likely technical, meaning they can be improved upon ad-infinitum.

The tangibility alone should be attractive enough to anyone who has the ability to think critically about what they’re doing with their life (hint: that’s everyone if they tried)

Tangible success allows for consistent growth based on the sum of the efforts your willing to put in. Whether that be success with woman, success in finance or success in health and fitness, they all have feedback mechanisms built-in that allow for results to tracked and technical skill to be gained which in turn grants that pursuing party that ability to see first hand their efforts manifest, not some fucking law of attraction, guru type orgy of excuse pandering that happens with most proponents of “self-help”

Let’s look a little further into this.
How do you achieve financial success, step by step.
1. Become an Income Machine:
This could be working extra hours, developing a high income skill set or networking and gaining clout that enables you to climb the ranks faster.
2. Develop multiple income streams (passive income, side hustle, second business)
Figure out the ways in which you can invest your time and income to generate more money all that generated income to cascade into itself as to compound over time and generate more wealth.
3. Scale, Scale, Scale, then sell.
Growth means more income, more income means more growth. That’s the basis of scaling.

Tangibility means trackibility, and if you can’t track it, it’s probably not worth pursuing since the ambiguity will make it harder grasp and climb to the top.

A point to remember before we end off this post: Success metrics are defined by the individual.
Say you’re happy with your financial situation and would rather focus your time on other areas like self-education or health & fitness. Do it. You don’t have to be a millionaire by the time you’re 25 with a big house and shiny objects. That’s someone else’s definition of success and that’s fucking cool too.

Individually defining what you value in the world, honing your focus on those things and taking action will lead you to being a fulfilled individual with a meaningful existence. That’s far better than walking around for 80 years as a shallow vessel of regret because you let someone else define your reality.

Work, get good, don’t whine. Problems, suffering and effort are the path to a meaningful life worth writing about and being echoed for eternity (strong Gladiator paraphrasing)


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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