Win in preparation

What’s your life philosophy? Do you even have one?

Winning in preparation is the culmination of my knowledge base, experience and feelings toward the world and how to live life.

It’s a way of competing, non-competitively. It’s being prepared and doing the work required before you even show up to the ring.

Going the extra mile always benefited the victor, planning and strategy go hand-in-hand with swift victory and soul-shattering defeat for your opponent.

It’s cause and effect theory, it’s probability theory, it’s putting skin in the game, walking with your head held high, knowing you’ve turned every stone possible before the event.

Don’t compete, win in preparation is a mantra, a personal atonement for the past failures, learning from them and seeking a better life.  Enobbling those around you with your calmness of mind, competence in ability and complete control over your faculties.

You’re the one responsible for your current life situation, and how do you change it? In preparation. Doing the hard stuff, the learning, the training, the early mornings, the days home alone behind the laptop. All of that matters if you care about what you’re trying to do with your life.

Every single facet of your life is prepared for, covering all aspects.

That’s what it means to win in preparation.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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