Problems are good

Problems, life is full of them. and that’s a good thing.

We’ve been enchanted by this woo-woo culture that wants you to believe that if you make all your problems go away, your life will be full of riches and hedonism for the rest of your days. That’s bullshit.

Why’s that bullshit? Because everyone has problems. Some have worse problems then others. Warren Buffet still has financial problems, they’re just a lot more grandiose in scale compared to the average humans. See what I’m getting at here?

The problem inherently lies within our victim culture/narrative. It claims that having this problem or that problem makes you a martyr of the people and that you shouldn’t have to deal with your circumstances because someone else that you don’t know has better circumstances according to your perspective of their problems.

Now before you get all anal on me, understandably certain problems are shit ones that are the fault of others, but all problems can be transcended with a shift of paradigm and personal narrative.

Imagine for one moment that you didn’t wrap your entire identity up in one single part of you but allowed yourself to flourish and show the world who you actually are rather than this false victim narrative that you’ve been perpetually pushing on others for years because you felt that “X” made you insignificant when compared to “Y”

This is what I like to call “operating with the blinders up”
You’re ego won’t let you or anyone else tell you that you’re wrong because of you having to supposedly deal with “X” your entire life.

But what if, just what if you’ve been completely and utterly wrong about that. I mean let’s say you’ve got your finances squared away, you’re healthy relative to your own individual goals and metrics and you have a great group of people round you that think you’re a bit of a twat whenever you bring up “X” because they know you’re more than that one part of the whole being that is, you.

So you’re only real current problem is that relationship that you have with yourself. Imagine if you took responsibility for fixing that, you’d open up that door to a whole list of better problems that would move you away from your victim/pity me narrative and into something that would generate more meaning in your life..

I’m saying that all problems can be transcended into better problems, everyone’s got problems, most just don’t deal with them in the correct manor and lead their entire remaining existence based around what is probably a very minute problem with a simple solution, the perspective they’re taking just needs to change.

Problems are good, they give meaningful direction to our lives and you can’t escape them as much as society wishes to think you can so embrace them, the obstacle is always the way!


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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