A lack of focus.

We all have problems, we all have average days. That’s normal and it can unconsciously play a role in the habits and systems we have in place in our daily lives to the point of losing track and falling off the path. It’s normal, and natural, and bound to happen to everyone eventually.

A key component of this for myself being the constant flow of information I take in on a regular basis. “Do this like this and this will result etc etc” a minefield of clashing opinions and personal ideals articulated and shared across the globe for thousands to listen to and entertain the ideas being presented for themselves. No wonder it’s hard to not lose track with this ADHD epidemic of highlights, inspiration and information overload.

So what do you do when you’ve fallen off the path and start questioning the value of yourself and everything you do?
You sit, and be still. Unplug and allow your mind to race through every possible scenario that YOU can think of, not another humans predetermined opinion that has influence over you.
Determine for yourself what needs to be done about the current situation with the knowledge and experiences you’ve armed yourself with. You don’t control fate either, so whatever you do will have an outcome that’s gonna effect someone, somewhere.

Narrowing your freedom can help with this paralyzing over-consumption of articulated experiences. You’re the one who’s in control, no one else. You define your own experience.

You may find that you need to remove a layer or two in your life to allow new ones to grow and take their place.
Stifling your own personal growth won’t be of benefit to anyone or yourself. Overthinking about the outcomes of anything will only lead to paralysis by analysis and turn you into an armchair warrior that thinks and speaks rather then acts and sows.

Narrow your freedom and focus, solely on the things that will benefit you in the future. Double down on what you’re good at, what you love and a couple of hobbies. Make time for your relationships and all the things required of them. Tell people no, put time in to the things you care about. Don’t agree to anything you don’t agree too. Fucking focus.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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