Fire in the belly – The Multi Level Paradigm of Drive & Grit

We’ve all got something we’re passionate about. Hopefully you’ve got multiple things you care deeply about that give some form of meaning to your day.

Yet, how do we explain it? How do we identify with that individual notion of passion, inspiration and motivation until it becomes part of us.

Is it habit-forming? Is it an unconscious bias? Is it a biological imperative?

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to break down the underlying factors of what can be referred to as – The Fire in the belly!

Stage 1 – Inspiration – The ignition of the flame

It could be a random photo, a quote, a comment from a friend, something you’ve always wanted to do or take up but never had the time. The basis of inspiration or stage 1 of the paradigm is the spark of imagination, an interest or intrigue that takes you down a rabbit hole of information and meditation until you decided to pull the trigger and go for it.

Stage 2 – Motivation – Fueling the fire

Get up in the morning, put on that fresh outfit you bought for the occasion and head to your first gym session, sign up, pay a fee and hopefully we’ll see you more than once. That’s the age-old story as inspiration is incredibly fleeting and requires little more than a word from a friend to crush the entirety of our hyped up state of being.
But there is hope, it simply requires you stick to whatever you picked out for more than a month. Now that’s gonna require some sacrifice regardless of whether you think you can do it all or not (you can’t, no one can)The outcome of this being the fuel being added to the fire as you slowly become accustom to doing that task, formulating an independent, internal feedback loop that associates the doing with the feel good chemicals of the brain and you’re general sense of well-being as a human.

Stage 3 – Habit – Stoking the embers

Given the facets of life and your new hobby starting to shape your outward identity, it can be safe to assume that if you’ve passed beyond the 30 day mark and are still enjoying your new hobby, it’s become a habit. Now, habit still requires mental effort and some days you aren’t going to feel like it. That’s the beauty of being passed stage 1 & 2, it no longer feels like a chore or mental grind to attempt to undertake when you could be doing absolutely nothing at all.

Stage 4 – Identity – Clearing the ashes

As the sun rises, you’re already up, you’ve read for 30 minutes, meditated, stretched, had your cold shower and now you’re eating breakfast before getting into the bulk of the days work. You’ve sent your former self to the furnace and cultivated another paradigm of yourself, a better version that’s more capable and confident in his/her ability to get the tasks required of them done. One step at a time you’ve transformed your mind and body, understanding that hard work and your effort will garner you the things you desire most in life. Bettering yourself 1% everyday for the rest of your life.
And from the ashes, a new identity is formed, giving you the self-reliance, self-confidence and intrinsic motivation to go out and take everything you deserve.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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