Creating Polarity.

Whats the easiest way to decide whether or not you agree or even like another human being? Listen to their opinions on a given topic.

Why? because you’ll understand what perspective they have, if they’re informed or uninformed or if they’re full of shit. This is the basis of creating polarity.

Polarizing is the idea of having people agree or disagree with you and at its core, everything we do is going to polarize someone in one way or another. That’s just surface level though and it goes a lot deeper in terms of confidence and commanding nature, asserting oneself essentially.

Imagine you hold an opinion that the members of your tribe disagree with. Now you have two options; Option A: Bend for them and try to keep everyone happy. Option B: Hold fast in your convictions and don’t change unless given evidence that contradicts your original stance.

What I just described there are the basics of the contrarian. Whilst a little bland, in the world of social dynamics, holding fast in ones beliefs is a sign of internal fortitude. You’re seen as more reliable and dependable by those around you because of your beliefs and your ability not to be swayed by the masses, which is a hard thing to do in this current society that would have you believe that unless you agree with the every-man, you’re wrong.

Polarity isn’t just about opinions either, there are numerous ways to create polarity. Shaving a beard and leaving a Moe, that’ll divide those around you into two camps. Wearing obscene shirts in public, you’ll get odd looks and muffled remarks. Doing anything that is outside of the normative that you operate under or the dogma of society operates under is going to polarize every around you, be it good or bad.

That’s the entire point of creating polarity between humans, you’re becoming your very own filter without having to do anything besides be yourself.

Doing this leads to more self-assurance, self-reliance and self-ownership. All of which lead to you becoming a more grounded, calm and competent man who has no need for the woeful opinions of the uninformed. Own yourself, own your live. It’s that simple.

Before we end, lets share 3 simple ways to create polarity for yourself and further divide those around you.
1. Do something different with yourself – Change your style, start a new hobby, learn a new skill.
2. Share your opinions of everything with whomever, don’t worry about the outcome. – If it won’t matter a year from that moment, it’s not gonna hurt anyone in the long-term.
3. Be Steadfast in what you believe in – stepping on toes is the least of your worries in this world. We’d rather you be completely self-reliant than tip toe around others in an attempt to garner some sort of gain for yourself when the actuality of you doing so being that you look weak and feeble compared to other men and women.


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