Die, before you die

What does it mean to be a man?

How far are you willing to go to achieve the ambitions, hopes and desires you yearn and long for, deep within the eternal spirit of masculinity that all boys have an inherent birth right towards.
What valleys will you cross, what mountains will you climb, what obstacles are you willing to surmount in order to arrive at death accomplished, wise and without fear.

Being a man is your god given path but adapting to the constant throws and motions that life and mother nature puts in front of us is a conscious choice. A choice to be better, to seek eternity at the gates of Elysian through the means of your work, your love and your unwavering competence in the art of living, to simply.. be and be enthusiastically without searching for a means to an end within that sense of being.

Enobbling your brothers and sisters with the childish ambition that burns deep within your belly, awakening with a sense of pride knowing that your rational self-interest and self-service will be of benefit to world around you. Aiming forthrightly to the kingdom of heaven, first for yourself and secondly for the people around you whom are willing to heed your words and ignite their own desires through a modest discipleship to the works presented.

Brothers lets push the fundamentals to their absolute limits! In a world plagued with hedonic adaptions, let’s be the ones that can find pleasure in both the gourmet restaurant and the $1.00 dollar bread roll from the local shop.

Whilst success metrics are all great and should be aimed at if you can’t appreciate the smallest of things and what could be considered near poverty in terms of food and shelter, what makes you think you’ll be able to enjoy the “finer” things in life without the continual hunger for something better.

Strip away the notions of what you once where, and from the ashes of identity, a flower blossoms with intent, confidence, stillness, competence and an unwavering calmness in knowing the golden seed has been laid deep inside, until the last breath of the vessel that it presided in for the allotted time that was allowed in the cosmos.

Eat, sleep, train, learn and fucking grow in body, mind and spirit. Push the needle everyday, no matter how much and watch your life soar into the universe at unparalleled speeds that even the greatest of spirits and deities can’t comprehend.

Die, before you die.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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