The Meaning of your Day

What does your morning look like? How do you get up? what do you do upon awakening? Do you slowly rise, taking 10 to 20 minutes without a plan or do you have a set of tasks written on a scrunched up bit of paper next to your laptop that give you some sense of direction?

Are you studying? personal or formal? what topics? what aim do you have in pursuing your inquiry?

Do you work a 9 to 5? Are you a casual worker with 3 jobs? Do you hate your boss, doing the bare minimum required of you? Are you vacillating about quitting and travelling the world in your grandiose, lackluster dream state?

Is there a sense of pride in the tasks you undertake? Is your ambition under-bridled? Do you fear the unknown and avoid tasking the leap? What the fuck wakes you up every god damn day?

Where does your meaning come from in life?
That’s a hard question to ask, I don’t expect an answer immediately, I don’t even expect one next week. I do expect a proactive approach to enduring what the world puts on your shoulders and carrying it with a smile on your face and the sweat of your brow being the dividing factor between you and everyone else.

Oh you’re in debt, just got fired, can’t afford food and your friends think you’re a complete joke. Good. Now you’ve got something to work at by developing the mental fortitude to get going no matter the circumstance.

You’re wife cheated on you because you let yourself go, stopped climbing the hierarchy of life and settled for being a fucking loser since according to you “it’s hard at the top”. Good. Now you’ve had the wake up call you needed to get back up, find your path again and start climbing, one rung at a time!

Everything that life affords you, you have no right too. You haven’t earnt it, haven’t gone through the trials set out for you, you’ve just been given it because of luck and circumstance and that’s fine but it will never offer you the teachings of honest work, of grit, of being persistence, of being your word, of taking charge of your life, of not talking about all you could be but actually being it.

The meaning of each day you’re afforded equates to the sum total of the meaning of your life when at deaths door. You’d better make sure you died empty every night when you lay your mind to rest, knowing you gave your all, knowing that you did your best.

Every action you take, word you speak and emotion you feel is what drives you in the direction your going, whether it be to your own personal heaven or hell.

Everything you do, should be done with meaning, with purpose and intent, not just for the lackluster jaw japping and impressing of others with expedience & unruly hedonistic tropes.

Find the meaning in all things, and you’ll find your life.


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