Own your life – Earnt Not Given

Who are we, what is this bullshit? Another clothing company under the guise of a social movement with deep edgings and meaning? A blog about self-improvement? A personal diary for men to read and relate to? Maybe all of the above, maybe none.

That’s the point of Earnt Not Given, an understanding the everything in life is worked for and molded through the means of our own experiences and effort, nothing more, nothing less. No claims of grandiosity or deluded thinking, just honest work that may result in something beautiful being born with time and patience.

The combination of creativity, a love for literature, manhood and authentic work to enrich the lives of others is the driving factor behind this mission (if I can really call it that at this point)

The end goal being to touch something beyond the abyss, beyond the physical. Evoking the emotions and thoughts of humanity through the written word and the work required to articulate those thoughts in a way that everyday people can understand and relate to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of the numerous number of other websites, blogs and podcasts but why not try, why not put your money were your mouth is and take a risk for once in your fucking life.
Hopefully as we move along at a steady pace and grow in viewership, I’ll come to articulate the essence of this idea and personal belief in a way that other people can latch onto and incorporate into their lives.

I hope you can find value in these words we share and join us in this beautiful journey

Earnt, Not Given.


Author: Earnt Not Given

Writer, Trainer, Creator

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